auto injury chiropractor Charlotte, NCMassage works synergistically with Chiropractic care. Our bodies are dynamic and health comes from a harmonious cooperation of all its systems. The care you receive at Chiropractic Health Centers provides the specific nurturing care that allows all systems to come back into balance.

At Chiropractic Health Centers we offer structural body-work and clinical massage. This type of soft tissue work supports Chiropractic perfectly in that it releases shortness and restrictions in the myofacial system and restores balance, function and symmetry to the human body. The combination of Chiropractic health care and structural massage therapy is an extraordinarily powerful and complimentary combination that perfectly support each others efforts.

This therapy addresses chronic pain from past injuries, overuse disorders, gate and postural issues, and over/under-use injuries. In addition, it promotes greater awareness and range of motion within the body, which supports pain relief in any condition, as well as optimal function, in both people with normal activity levels and in elite athletes.

Our therapists utilize a number of specialized techniques including structural integration, neuromuscular therapy, myofascial release techniques, just to name a few.