Fitness and Exercise

atlas orthogonal technique Charlotte, NCLike nutrition, proper fitness and exercise supports all other areas of health within the body. There are the obvious cardiovascular benefits to exercise, the increased strength, mobility and flexibility that are gained through proper balanced exercise, but many people do not know about the neurological and postural benefits of healthy exercise.

Most people think of bones as the framework to the human body, like the wooden structural frame of a house. What people are missing, is the fact that without healthy, strong muscles, the bony framework of the body would be a pile of bones collapsed to the ground by the pull of gravity. Our muscles are the true framework of the body! Postural health and the ability to move the bony structure of the body, comes from healthy, strong muscles that have been educated to work together to support you in your daily activities.

In addition to the postural benefits of healthy exercise, are the neurological benefits of exercise. There is a reason that active people, and people involved in sports, often do better in school and lead happier healthier lives. Exercise stimulates not only the muscles, joints and cardiovascular system, but also the brain! Every movement you make sends signals to the brain. Because of this, healthy exercise helps support a healthy brain, healthy balance, etc.

Exercise stimulates the release of endorphins in the body, which connect with receptors in the brain and reduce your perception of pain. Endorphins also support hormonal balance, and overall feelings of wellbeing and satisfaction in the body.

At Chiropractic Health Centers we have designed exercise programs that support your health in every way.

Featured Exercise Technique: Foundation Training

Chiropractic Auto Accident Charlotte, NCFoundation Training is an education program and movement practice designed to teach you how to naturally restore and effectively recruit core muscle strength, balance, and flexibility to enhance performance and reduce pain. It’s a method of integrative exercises that gives you the ability to really control your movement, and control the way your body is absorbing force which helps to fix the root cause of most chronic pain.

Foundation Training teaches you how to move the human body. It teaches you how to support itself structurally and move muscularly. It allows you to alleviate many chronic pains, improve your flexibility and coordination, and become stronger in any physical activity you do. You’re going to notice profound changes in how you move and feel.

Foundation Training integrates the muscular chains of the body, starting with the Posterior Chain. Foundation Training can help alleviate acute and chronic back pain, enhance athletic performance, improve coordination, facilitate better posture and help you move muscularly.