Auto Accidents

We all know the dangers and risks involved with driving. Since Henry Ford invented the mass-production automobile in 1913 – 2.5 times as many Americans were killed in automobile accidents than in all the wars since the revolution in 1775. What is often overlooked however is the sensitive nature of the human body and the damage that can be caused to the tissues of the body by even slow-speed motor vehicle collisions.

Multiple studies have shown that slow speed accidents can still cause significant damage to the joints of the cervical spine (joints and bones in the head and neck) and the rest of the spine. These injuries are referred to as whiplash injuries. Perhaps the most scary thing related to these injuries, is that studies have shown increased degeneration of the bones and joints of the spine is accelerated after these whiplash injuries, unless skilled Chiropractic care is sought directly after the onset of such injuries. Unfortunately, we often see the residual damage of motor vehicle injuries years later, when a patient finally seeks Chiropractic care.

Hopefully after you have been in an automobile accident you will immediately seek high quality Chiropractic care, so that you can minimize the effects of these dangerous injuries.

In addition to this, it is also very important to know that you may feel no pain directly after the accident. This is actually the most common response after a low speed motor vehicle accident. It often takes days or weeks before the inflammation and scar tissue created in the soft tissue of the neck and back start to create a pain response. But, do not wait to seek care, as you can prevent debilitating pain and symptomotology later by being pro-active with early Chiropractic care, to prevent the progression of these injuries.

At Chiropractic Health Centers we are highly qualified to assess, diagnose, and help witth injuries associated with automobile accidents. Please contact us as soon as possible so that we can set up an appointment to treat you after your motor vehicle accident.

When you call Chiropractic Health Centers to set up an appointment our staff will direct you to bring the appropriate insurance information and other details related to the accident. We have extensive experience dealing with auto accident injuries and can easily guide and assist you through the process.